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Modernised locomotive 2M62UM
Year of built: 1987
Year of modernisation: begun in 2015
Weight: 2x138 t
Sustained tractive force: 2x280 kN
Max speed:(short/long term): 22.6 km/h
Constructive speed: 100 km/h

Diesel engine
Type: MTU 16V 4000 R43
Diesel power: 2x2950 HP
Specific fuel consumption:  196 g/kWh (min load) 206 g/kWh (max load)
Oil consumption:  0.5% of fuel consumption
Emission:  EURO III A
Injection:  electronic
Cooling:  technical antifreeze

Driver’s cab
Advanced diagnostic, control and dynamic break devices; traffic safety and train control systems that allow maintaining the necessary speed of the train. Due to the new ergonomic modular driver’s cab – improved working conditions for the crew.