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Non-Destructive testing laboratory services

Non-Destructive Testing LABORATORY

The Laboratory provides the following services:

  • Calibration of manometers and vacuum meters, calibration of manometric and bimetallic thermometers (K-063)
  • Non-destructive control of railway rolling stock assemblies and parts by visual, ultrasonic, magnetic particle and eddy current methods (T-063)
  • Inspection of railway tanks for transportation of class 3-9 substances; evaluation of the suitability of the extension of the term of use for vehicle repairs; initial and repeated verification of manometers (I-429)


Head of the laboratory Valerijs Ostapenko (phone 2618 7238; e-mail:


Krustpils Street 24, Riga, LV-1057  |  2.Preču Street 30, Daugavpils, LV-5403  |  Varšavas Street 49, Daugavpils LV-5404

The laboratory is accredited by the Latvian National Accreditation Bureau (LATAK  calibration and verification of pressure gauges and in the conformity assessment of reconditioning repair, with extending service life, of railway tanks and rolling stock.